Welcome to Fuck Yeah! Anastasia Nikolaevna, one of the earliest Tumblrs dedicated to anything and everything Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia (18 June 1901 - 17 July 1918).

Although the name “Anastasia” is recognized by almost everyone today, most people, don’t know the real story of Anastasia’s life: what it was like to be a royal Duchesses in Russia; how it felt to be imprisoned in the palace and have everything taken away from her; and the terror of being escorted under guard to a small town in Siberia, the family’s final destination. This is a classic fairy tale story without a happy ending, of a princess who had everything in the world until her father’s rule was overthrown and the family were incarcerated and ultimately assassinated. This diary, although a fictionalized version of what fifteen-year-old Anastasia would have written about if her diaries had not been destroyed, was carefully researched and includes true dates and experiences that Anastasia had.

View sample pages from inside the book at Amazon. Available on the Amazon Kindle and the iPod Touch only.

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