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One of a collection of tin figures, representing scenes from early Russian Soviet History. This particular one depicts the murder of the Romanov family.



—Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (1986)


Get to Know Me Meme • [1/15] royals in general

I wish I wasn’t an imperial highness or an ex-grand duchess. I’m sick of people doing things to me because of what I am. Girl-in-white-dress. Short-one-with-fringe. Daughter-of-the-tsar. Child-of-the-ex-tyrant. I want people to look and see me, Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, not the caboose on a train of grand duchesses. Someday, I promise myself, no one will be able to hear my name or look at my picture and suppose they know all about me. Someday I will do something bigger than what I am.” 

- The Lost Crown




  • The Diary of Olga Romanov: Royal Witness to the Russian Revolution by Helen Azar

A BEAUTIFUL book of Olga Romanov, including her 1913-1917 diaries, other accounts of her, and biographical information. My fav Romanov book. Available in hardback and ebook in US and UK. Also, check out her book Russia’s Last Romanovs, which has more firsthand information on NAOTMAA unpublished previously, even incl MORE of Olga’s diaries. 

  • The Road to Ekaterinburg by ECS Banks

An exhaustive history of OTMA’s lives from DAY TO DAY. Available for ebook and paperback in US and UK.

  • The Lost Crown by Sarah Miller

echnically fiction, but virtually if not completely accurate, and in words of historian Penny Wilson, a great intro to Romanovs. It is told in the POV of OTMA in alternating voices! Available in paperback, e-book, and hardback in US and UK. 

  • Anastasia’s Album by Hugh Brewester

A beautiful intro into the lives of Anastasia and her sisters. Not in print BUT MANY copies still available for cheap. 


  • Last of the Czars - BY FAR more about OTMA, with the same footage from that one doc that shall not be named, and MUCH MORE.
  • Russia’s Last Tsar - great NAOTMAA doc with more OTMA, yet again.


Daily Drawing #287

This evening I watched the first in a two-part BBC documentary, Russia’s Lost Princesses: The Gilded Cage on the life of the Romanov children..

It is really interesting. Instead of focusing on their deaths as with most documentaries about this family, this one starts with the background and story of the children’s mother and father, Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra, which is truly fascinating! If you can view it, I highly recommend it! :)

From Left-Right: Olga, Anastasia, Tatiana, Alexei, Maria

This sketch shows Olga (the eldest) with a camera, as was given to all of the Romanov children. They each had one and took many photos.

Also I tried to highlight Alexei, the youngest and only boy, as he was very much doted on by the whole family. This was due to him being heir to the throne (surpassing his four older sisters) as well as being diagnosed with a rare form of hemophilia; something that was kept a secret from everyone but the family.

All is explained much better in the documentary, so apologies if there are any mistakes here! I tried to keep it as concise as possible! But please, watch it if you’re interested in this sort of thing! :]


Lit Meme → [8/10] Books: The Lost Crown by Sarah Miller

A flurry of panic erupts around me, but nothing penetrates. Only a haze of sounds brushes against me. Yelps from Mama, my sisters. Papa turning back to Yurovsky, his mouth moving. What? I can’t understand you. Read it again please. Yurovsky’s voice once more, like a needle on a gramophone. Papa, still asking, What? What? 
Another flash - Yurovsky and his squad answering with open fire. 
I cross myself and close my eyes. 
Where we go next, we go together.


Rare of AOTMAA. Both zoomed, B/Wed and sharpened by olga-nikolayvna

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