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Here’s an interesting Romanov book cover I found. The site in in Swedish, so I’m not exactly sure what it’s about. From what I’ve cobbled together with google translate, it’s a time travel adventure sort of story, but regardless I had to share the cover for all the fabulous facial expressions.



The daughters of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia visiting wounded soldiers; C. 1915.


Get to Know Me Meme || [2/7] royal children

Grand Duchesses Maria and Anastasia Romanova of Russia

The two youngest daughters of the last Russian Emperor, famously known in the family as the Little Pair, Maria and Anastasia were born in June 1899 and 1901 respectively. Maria, the elder sister, was often dominated by her more lively and vivacious younger sister. Whenever someone had suffered a prank orchestrated by Anastasia, Maria always had to apologize for the actions of her rowdy sister. During World War I, Maria and Anastasia visited wounded soldiers at a private hospital in the grounds of Tsarskoe Selo. The teenager girls, too young to become Red Cross nurses like their mother and elder sisters, played checker games and billiards in an attempt to uplift the soldier’s spirits. Along with their parents, siblings, and loyal servants, the two girls were imprisoned in 1917 and brutally murdered in 1918 just because their last name happened to be intensely hated by many.

Anastasia and Her Sisters: Carolyn Meyer: 9781481403269: Amazon.com: Books


Carolyn Meyer is writing a new novel about OTMA, which is currently set to be published in the spring of 2015.


Maria and Anastasia in front of their hospital. Better resolution and quality from the VK ♥

OTMA in 1916, detail.



Anastasia Nikolaevna with an officer, 1913

from the Romanov vk group

Never seen her all flirting like her sisters before…



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Credit of the painting goes to Vladimir Yanaki, titled “A Generous Autumn.”

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nastasia, the youngest daughter, destined to become the most famous of the children of Nicholas II, was a short, dumpy, blue-eyed child renowned in her family chiefly as a wag. When the saluting cannon on the Imperial yacht fired at sunset, Anastasia liked to retreat into a corner, stick her fingers into her ears, widen her eyes and loll her tongue in mock terror. Witty and vivacious, Anastasia also had a streak of stubbornness, mischief and impertinence. The same gift of ear and tongue that made her quickest to pick up a perfect accent in foreign languages also equipped her admirably as a mimic. Comically, sometimes cuttingly, the little girl aped precisely the speech and mannerisms of those about her. Anastasia, the L’Enfant terrible, was also a tomboy. She climbed trees to dizzying heights, refusing to come down until specifically commanded by her father.

Robert K. Massie, Nicholas & Alexandra

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