Favourite Royal Past and Present [7/11]
Anastasia was extremely intelligent, but prone to be lazy and inattentive. Her teachers found she learned much faster than her sisters. On the other hand she was easily bored and had trouble focusing on her lessons. She was a cut-up, freely dispensing her own kind of dead-pan, sarcastic humour at the expense of others. The whole family would crack up at her jokes. Nobody was safe from her tongue and brutal observations of other foibles. She had a cutting wit and knew it, it was one of her chief ways of getting attention. Painting was one of her passions, dogs were another. (APTM)
Colouring of Anastasia cutout is by tragicrussianbeauty

Oh No They Didn't! - Glenn Close To Play Bogus Royal in ‘Duchess’


Glenn Close is set to star in Arie Posin’s drama “Duchess,” which is based on the true life story of Anna Anderson, who claimed to be the Russian grand duchess Anastasia.


I will not even reblog the photo in question this time because it is vile and I don’t even want to look at it. What I will say, for the 85543th time, is that there were no photos taker of the murder of the imperial family. If you see any on the internet, in a book, on tv, claiming to be these photos, they are fake, fake, FAKE! Stop posting these photos! They are disgusting and spread false information. I hope for the love of God that I never have to address this ridiculous issue again.

Once, she saw that a soldier in the hospital ward had received some cherry candies as a gift and she came up, asking to have some of them for herself. As she took the box from the soldier and ate them, she kept checking to make positively sure that her sisters would not catch her.
-Resurrection of the Romanovs

♕ Christmas with the Romanovs
"On Christmas there were usually three fir-trees decorated in Tsarskoe Selo - there was one downstairs in the Empress’s Big Living Room, another one upstairs in the nursery and the third one also upstairs in the passage and was meant for the Palace’s servants. The first fir-tree to be lit was that in the nursery and it was the time when the children got presents. Sometimes their presents were very expensive but the Tsar’s children never thought of how much they might cost. They were equally happy when they got a small crafted thing or a cheap toy. They could use their costly presents only during official ceremonies. Aleksey was often given tin soldiers, miniature tanks, etc. He liked to play with them and Anastasia who was three years his senior and a naughty child, used to tease him breaking the even rows of soldiers after which she stood in the posture of a victor on the battle field. At first Aleksey got very offended but then he stopped paying attention to his sister’s tricks.Once Aleksey got a clockwork train for Christmas. He and his father often played with it making it stop suddenly between two stations or making train crashes, etc.
The second fir-tree to be lit was that for the servants. They also got presents - souvenirs and money. Later the same evening the Tsar and the Tsarina went to the Big Living Room to their fir-tree. They usually got a lot of presents from their relatives living both in Russia and abroad. The Tsarina sent her maids-of-honour a miniature fir-tree and gifts.The holiday was crowned with a church service. The Tsar and the Tsarina took their children either to St.Petersburg to the church of the Anichkov Palace, residence of the widowed Empress, or to Gatchina if the widowed.Empress was there. On the next day the fir-tree was lit in the Manege of Tsarskoye Selo for the regiments guarding the Palace. Each private got a gift of silver money; officers got costly presents. The presents were handed to them by the Grand Duchesses.” Later Memoirs of Anna Vyrubova